August 14th, 2012

cheap regional beer in South Dakota

I need a local cheap/crappy beer brand for something set in Sioux Falls, SD, present day. For example, Maryland has Natty Boh, Texas has Lone Star, Minnesota has Hamm's and Grain Belt, etc.

Googled: cheap beer south dakota, can you get hamm's in south dakota, regional breweries south dakota, etc. (Mostly got stuff about microbrews/craft beers, the Hamm family reunion, and, inexplicably, San Diego.)

This is Bobby Singer's fridge (Supernatural) we're talking about, if that matters. Would SD get Hamm's or Grain Belt? Leine's? It's an incredibly minor point and I can just as easily not go into detail about it, but it makes me crazy when I can't find an answer like this on my own. If you know an appropriate brand that isn't nationally available, can you comment on taste (for example, I find Grain Belt unpleasantly sweet, but "tastes like cheap beer" is also a valid answer as far as I'm concerned)? Thanks!!