August 5th, 2012


Pistol ball through upper arm - recovery timeline

I have a character in the mid-17th century who has been shot. A pistol ball (lucky shot, fired from a distance as he galloped away) passed through the muscle of his upper arm. It bled quite a bit. Given that it's the 17th century and he's on the run, the treatment he gets is pretty rudimentary. But he's a lucky bastard: no infection.

My question: what would be a best-case recovery scenario from this wound? How much (if any) use of the arm might he have 5 or 6 days later? What would the state of it be after a month? After two or three months?

Google: bullet wound in the arm healing, + the usual medical references & relevant threads in this com

Medieval cotton mills

I need help finding a good, detailed description of a medieval cotton mill/fulling mill/cotton manufacture... whatever it is called. Last month, in the Hamburg Museum of History, I saw a fantastic small-cale model of such a manufacture, representing every single phase of the work, but so far failed to find a description, either in German or in English.

I've googled the following phrases:
- medieval cotton manufactures
- cotton mills in medieval Hamburg
- medieval cotton mills
- cotton manufactures in medieval Europe

I also checked out the museum's website, to find at least a picture of the model, so that I might stitch together a description on my own, but no luck, so far. The books of Joseph and Frances Gies about all things medieval didn't yield the exact things I needed, either.

Could someone help me finding the right website that might help? I need this for a Tolkienverse story in which a clothes merchant travels around various merchant towns of Gondor so the location doesn't play any role.

Thanks in advance.

Foundlings, L1 acquisition at five years old, Deaf education

The setting is modern-day America, give or take a few years. I'm flexible about what state. I have multiple questions, all related. Once I realized I would be posting here, I started recording what I researched, but I'd already done some of my research (semi-fruitfully) beforehand, so I can't give a totally complete record of search terms.

A congenitally-deaf five-year-old from an alternate universe, who has had almost no real exposure to language, has been taken to this universe and left with someone who knows about both universes. Said person wants nothing to do with a child, but (very conveniently) knows a Deaf couple who would absolutely love kids but (cliche alert) can't have biological children. (In fact, they'd been considering adoption already.) The couple are NOT told about the alternate universe thing, just that somebody dumped the kid with their friend. Sounds a lot like a fairy tale, but, this being the real world in the modern day and not actually a fairy tale, they decide to go to the authorities to try to find the parents (good luck with that) or get the proper documents or whatever.

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