July 27th, 2012

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[ANON POST] Child support laws in Ontario

Setting: present-day Ontario, small town
Scenario: single dad taking mother with custody of child to court. The father wants to get full custody of the child because he believes the mother is emotionally abusing their three year old daughter. The problem is that they have never been to court before, and so have no set schedule of when the father gets to see the daughter, and also the father has never paid child support, because the mother has never asked. The parents had been dating when the mother tricked the father into getting her pregnant, and he broke things off with her before the child was born.

My question is whether or not the court would make the father back-pay the child support that he hasn't paid over the last three years, and if they could possibly send him to jail for it.

I tried googling things like "child support laws Ontario" and "back-paying child support" but all I came up with were websites from the Ontario government outlining how to figure out how much child support one must pay and stuff like that. Not what I was looking for.