July 24th, 2012

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[ANON POST] The Bundeswehr and Modern Military Life

I'm working on a story set in Germany (southeastern, mostly) during WW3--about ten/fifteen years in the future. So while it's possible that a few things have changed about the military, there probably haven't been any radical chances.

My problem is that I'm having a hard time finding information (in English) on the Bundeswehr/Federal Defence Force, particularly the Heer/Army. I'm curious to see if anyone here can give me any information on "daily life" types of things for officers.

1. I can't find much on military bases in Germany. I'm assuming there must be some, and I'm assuming there are barracks of some sort. What else would be on a base? Would it be plausible for a (bachelor) officer to be living off-base?

1.5. What about officers with families/spouses?

2. Ditto for military hospitals. Are there any permanent facilities like this in Germany?

3. Really, anything about the Bundeswehr and/or Heer would be appreciated. I don't read enough German to trust that I'm getting much of anything out of the German-language websites I'm looking at, and I think I've seen everything there is to find in English.

I'm searched for "Bundeswehr" plus several different terms, including "families", "daily life", things like that. "Bundeswehr officers", "German military", a lot of that, too. Most of it brings up US military servicemen stationed in Germany, which isn't very helpful, and "Bundeswehr English" brings up nothing useful, either. I've also been all over Wikipedia for everything I can find that is related to the Bundeswehr, with little success, and I've combed through the Heer website in both German and English.