July 23rd, 2012

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Escaping from the police using greenlanes/byways

Setting: Modern day, England

I seem to have written one of my characters into a corner, and so I turn to here for help.

He's an undercover intelligence agent, currently fleeing from police to maintain his cover. His ID says he is 16, and therefore not old enough to be driving. He is driving a stolen Land Rover Defender, with slight modifications for off-road/green-lane driving (suspension raised a few inches, offroad tyres, roll cage, bucket seats, harnesses instead of seatbelts, front and rear winches).

I was wondering if it would actually be possible to use green-lanes to escape from police pursuit. He is experienced in driving on these sort of roads, in a similar vehicle. And would it be possible in the Derbyshire/South Yorkshire Peak District area (where the story is currently set)?

The police are driving ordinary traffic cars; not a single 4x4 in sight.

Searches: "escaping from police using green lanes/greenlanes" (information about police-related incidents on various Green Lanes around the UK), "escaping from police using byways"

Bunch of questions about horses

Setting: fantasy world, I'm cheerfully mixing everything from King Arthur to Girl Genius but for the purposes of this question about early 17th century Europe equivalent
Searched: horse and travel tags here and the linked resources, "alternating horses" (some good hits), "distance riding" (mostly tour advertisements), "extreme riding" (which found me The Long Riders' Guild, good stuff!), "marathon riding" (very few horse results), "trail riding" (which got me Equisearch), "riding by/at night" (extraordinarily useless results), "riding in the dark" (ditto), all the above with "horse riding" and "horseback riding"

Hello everyone! Guess who got roped into writing one of those travel-around-a-lot fantasy stories ^^"
Cuts for length.

First scenario:
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Second scenario:
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Third scenario:
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ETA: Thanks for all the input, guys! Most of scenario 1 (and with it much of my plot and worldbuilding starting from the damn timeline) flew out the window when I realised the trip needs to be far longer for all the action I've planned for the return journey to take place naturally, but I should be able to use the info you've provided me to puzzle together something that works. Thank you again!

/glares at three week riding trip and throws rest days at it

Moderately incapacitating injury for Greek mythology crossover fanfic

Setting: Ancient Greece, more or less.

I need an injury for my POV character. Trouble is, I'm extremely squeamish, and I've been making myself feel rather ill by looking through the entries here. So, since it will only take up a couple of paras in the fic, I wonder if anyone can help me out with something suitable?

My MC is an experienced soldier but is at a low ebb at the time of the fight. His opponent, who is less experienced though younger and quicker, is defeated in the course of the fight. After killing his opponent MC has a short conversation with a dragon [ETA: This is an old-fashioned terrifying dragon, not the modern flying-pony variety], during which he'll have to be more or less coherent, and shortly after that the dragon will roar him back to his friends. Soon afterwards, he'll be in the care of Chiron and Aesculapius.

MC is used to combat in all its forms, from chivalric to tavern brawling. His opponent is deeply unpleasant.

Any suggestions warmly welcomed as long as they don't include links to pictures in Technicolour.

Searched: Fight scenes in the Argonautica, the Iliad and the Aeneid, plus tags here: injuries to order, stab wounds to order (it doesn't have to be a stab wound.)