July 17th, 2012

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[ANON POST] French profanity with the correct weight:

Essentially, I need a translation for a mild use of the English profanity "bastard," as in "you lucky bastard" or "you poor bastard," rather than the stronger use as a way to curse angrily at someone or the literal meaning of illegitimate. I've googled "French swearing," "French swear words," "French cursing," "French profanity," etc, as well as looking at several online translators, but swearing is notoriously difficult to translate and I'm not familiar enough with French to sort out the good translations from the bad translations, so I'm hoping for some human input. I'm far less interested in a literal translation than in a phrase with the same approximate weight and feel. Setting of the story is in the late 1800s, if that's relevant - I assume speech was more conservative then, but the person using the phrase isn't the type to worry too much about using rough language.

In short, how do I say "You poor bastard" in French?

Bonfire Building and Fire Fighting on the Ranch (USA)

Hi detailers!
I’m getting ready for my August Camp NaNoWriMo novel and I’d appreciate a bit of helpful advice.

Setting: Contemporary, Southeastern Utah, a cattle ranch in a fictitious county shoehorned in between National parks, late spring or early summer (not cattle selling season)
Synopsis: A rancher in need of money agrees to take on paying guests in the form of an inept extreme team-building group of city-slickers and meets a sexy school teacher who is one very smart cookie.

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Any constructive suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks bunches,

Afterthought: Is there a cattle selling season?
Watanuki What Did You Say


So there's this weird idea for a sci-fi tale that I've been playing with for a while.  The story, set in a relatively modern time, concerns a young man who is a human/feline hybrid (not really like an anthromorph or "furry;" more like a "catgirl" you might see in an anime except male), who became this way through a genetic experiment of some kind.  When the scientists no longer had any use for him, he was shipped off to become a circus sideshow (or possibly a zoo) attraction, and then was set free/rescued by another fellow and his veterinarian girlfriend. 

How exactly might this genetic experiment occur?  I know this is meant to be fantasy, but it never hurts to have a grain of reality in there somewhere IMO.  And what would this guy's biology be?  As far as physique goes, he looks about the same as a normal human except with pointy cat ears, a tail, claw-like nails (I don't think they could retract like a real cat's) and possibly some fangs.  Also, he has hunting instincts/abilities comparable to say, a lion or cheetah (given his sleek body he may be more like the latter), and since his rescuer and his girlfriend want him to somehow become a normal member of society, this presents quite a challenge.  But other than all that, I don't know.

I haven't done any Google-ing as I don't really know WHAT to Google, so in addition to regular suggestions, suggestions for search terms are warmly welcomed.