July 13th, 2012

Little known town in Italy.

I am currently working on a book where the story primarily takes place in South Florida, however on occasion one of my main characters has flashbacks to somewhere in Italy where the population is very dense and the town is nestled somewhere by the ocean a body of water. I would like there to be some sort of history behind this little (currently) no name town and base it on an actual place/town in Italy but every time I have tried to research a location all I get back is a bunch of tourist traps and resort type places. These places of course have beautiful scenery but completely lack the seclusion and intimate surroundings that I am looking for. Any advice, visuals and/or real known locations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

::Edit:: I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions and also to apologize for typing "by the ocean" on my posts. What I meant to say was that I needed somewhere secluded by a body of water in Italy. It could have been a stream or lagoon for all I care, again I am sorry for not communicating what I was looking for more clearly, next time I will.
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[ANON POST] Breathing after fainting when binding

Setting: Modern day, in a somewhat isolated forest. But not too isolated.
Research: I tried googling "shallow breathing and fainting", "breathing after fainting" and tried the same for videos, but all I got was shallow breathing as a CAUSE of fainting, and nothing on what happens afterwards, or videos of people breathing rapidly to induce fainting. I also googled how binding affects breathing.

The scenario: A trans* guy wearing really tight binding gets in a fight in a forest, in the process gets worked up that his binding is dangerously restricting his breathing (i.e. he can't breath deeply at all, and he breathes rappidly and shallowly instead). He faints, from this and from his injuries, and his opponent loosens his binding, but what I want to know is 1) Would fainting affect how he breaths? Will he breath at all? and 2) After his binding is loosened, how will his breathing recover?

Other relevant details: His opponent doesn't know he's trans* and doesn't know much in the way of first aid, but has called emergency services. Neither expected the fight to get that serious. He hasn't hit his head, and his opponent found out about and loosened his binding really quick, so the damage would be pretty minimal.

Diagnosing Amnesia

I'm writing a fantasy story that involves my main character to have had her memory taken from her (as opposed to actual amnesia). She's been exiled to earth and she remembers only her name. She wakes in a US hospital, bandaged up, and after a conversation with a nurse, the nurse sends for a doctor.

[The actual question...]
If the nurse suspects amnesia, who would he get? Would he call for a psychiatrist? Would it just be whatever doctor is on call? Would a psychiatrist be the one diagnosing amnesia?

I googled this and all I get is "the doctor" :-S I want to know *which* doctor and what the procedure would be - I know from Google that other factors would first have to be ruled out and that there would be brain scans. Is it unlikely that a psychiatrist would be available or even involved? I would suspect that at some point a psychiatrist would be involved if it were found that there were no physical reasons for the amnesia, but at what point? 

Thanks :)