July 12th, 2012

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How plausibly young can an attending general surgeon be?

Setting: San Francisco, California; current times.

One of my side characters is an attending general surgeon. She's only barely older than her interns and she has to be extra tough because of that to be taken seriously. She's young because she was a child prodigy and actually skipped three or so grades when she was younger. I envision her to be late twenties to early thirties.

I want to have her young but I also don't want her to be so young as to have ridiculous for her to have the position she is in.

Search Terms I've used: "Average age attending physician," "average age attending surgeon." "youngest to be surgeon," and so on with synonymous words.
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Meth babies and NICU care.

I have a few questions about a baby who would be born to an addicted mother (probably heroin and methamphetamine) that was born a couple of weeks early after the mother was beaten. The mother delivered the premie via c-section and later on died. How long would the child be in the NICU and what would be some of the things that may be affecting him later on in life? He is the child of two addicts (the father will come later on in the picture, a recovering addict) so I'm guessing he could have addiction in him already but anything else? Any visible signs of his/her parent's addictions?  

I've searched the following websites: 





And while they've been extremely helpful with any future signs I was wondering if anyone could add anything and none have the premature+addicted time lapsed in the hospital. Since the father wasn't known they'd keep him there for a while but, through further investigation of the woman's assault they'd eventually find him. I want this, also, to happen before the child goes into foster care. 
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Fantasy religion and culture

So originally I was thinking about adding a few little things to help flesh out my fantasy religion while avoiding cultural appropriation. I've created the mythology and come up with the structure of the faith. My characters pray, blaspheme, and utter minced oaths. I've made holidays, festivals, and folklore. I've got holdouts still clutching to bits of the previous faith and incorporating elements of it into the current one. But my faith still felt flat. I started thinking that it felt like nothing more than the same polytheistic form of Christianity we see when we aren't simply seeing rehashes of the Greco-Roman religion with the names of the gods altered.

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