July 10th, 2012

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Jurisdiction friction between police forces in England

I'm writing a story set in modern-day UK. My main characters are detectives from the Thames Valley Police investigating a murder case. The body was found within their jurisdiction, but they have reason to believe that the murder was carried out elsewhere. To be concrete, let's say the Dorset area, which is policed by Dorset Police, but it could be any other police force.

My questions:
- Are there any administrative hoops my Thames Valley detectives would have to jump through to investigate the case in Dorset?
     - Would they have to work with a Dorset detective, or could they just go ahead and do it themselves (possibly with a courtesy call to let the Dorset authorities know what they're up to)?
     - If they need to get a search warrant, would they have to go through the Dorset side?
- Would there be any risk of the Dorset Police taking over the investigation if it turns out that the murder did occur within their jurisdiction?

Research done:
- Wikipedia articles on law enforcement agencies in the UK
- The "Jurisdiction Friction" page on TV Tropes, "Real-Life" section
- Google searches: cooperation between territorial police forces uk, uk investigation across several police area jurisdictions, etc.

I don't need everything to be 100% realistic, but I'd like to at least make a nod to reality, if these hoops do exist. Thanks in advance for your help!

Alcohol induced coma treatment in early 70s.

Setting: London, early 70s, probably circa 1971.
Search terms: alcohol(ic) coma treatment, alcohol(ic) coma 1970s, alcohol-induced coma 1970s
Details: one of main characters, heavy drinker with a tendency to drug use falls in coma because of acute alcohol intoxication, with renal insufficiency and possibility of brain damage. I would like to know everything about treatment and medical equipment used in such cases at that time. Would he had any chances of recovery?

I found some texts about both alcohol intoxication and alcohol coma, but all described the treatment used today. Only one was about treatment in late 60s (text dated to 1966), but I suppose that within a few years it may have been changed. In addition, I have no idea how in those days looked equipemnt, which would be used in such a situation, and I care for relatively accurate describing it.

Thanks in advance.
jurassic inception

Tranquilizers and Their Effects on Mythical Beasts

I've tried looking up horse tranquilizers, ketamine, bear tranquilizers, side effects of ketamine, how ketamine is metabolized/eliminated, the U.S. government's policy on extraterrestrials (since "aliens" got me the obvious), and what animal control does with unidentified/exotic animals (not helpful).

The setting is present-day America, probably the Pacific Northwest for a short time and then Washington, D.C.

I'm writing an original novel involving gryphons, who, through the relevant plot thread, end up on Earth.  Specifically, two of them, one of whom is about 4'9" at the shoulder and the other of whom is about 5'6".  They are about the same proportions as a lion, plus giant hawk wings joined at the trapezius/shoulder joint.  Their planet is smaller than Earth, and they're not used to the gravity - not to the extent that they fall over at the drop of a hat, but it's disorienting.  They're close enough to cats to be classed as mammals, and they breathe oxygen, digest food the same way, have similar (to a raptor's) ocular structures, etc.  Since this is set in the middle of suburbia, the first person to see them calls 911 shrieking frantically about a bear or a giant lion or something, and animal control shows up.

Since omg lions with wings, wtf, the protagonists aren't killed on sight, but tranquilized and the feds get involved and... and... and something or other.

I'm trying to figure out a) what kind of tranquilizer animal control would use on a five-foot-tall gryphon, b) at what point it would wear off for the bigger and smaller gryphons, and c) something plausible that the U.S. gov't would do with them (keep them doped up, put them in a cage, isolate them, whatever) before discovering that both of them are sentient sapient.  I'm aware that the last one is largely a matter of creative freedom, but if any who can would like to inject some realism (if I can even use that word here) into the situation, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!