July 8th, 2012

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Child Registration in Japan

Setting: Japan, 2011
Search Terms: Child registration (Japan), childbirth (Japan), single parents child registration

My main character (Japanese, male) has taken in a three-months-old baby who comes from a different dimension and isn't human (but can pass for human). The child's birth parents are dead, and no one was willing to take care of the baby, so he and his partner (who also isn't human, and can't pass for human either) decided to take her in and raise her as their child. 

I'm assuming that he should try to register the child at some point. My problem is, how would he explain her presence? The existence of non-humans isn't common knowledge, so he can't reveal that. However, saying that he just adopted her without going through the legal process would raise all kinds of questions as well. My angle is to have him claim that she's the result of a one-night-stand and that the mother didn't want to raise the child, but since there is no birth mother actually involved, he has no proof for that. 

If all else fails, I can have friends of the main character forge the required legal documents, but if at all possible, I would like to find a legal way.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: The most obvious way in which the non-humanness of the child manifests is that she isn't visible or tangible outside her native dimension. Both MC and his partner have the power to keep her visible/tangible in other worlds, but if she's taken away from them, however briefly, it will look like she just disappeared, so I really want to avoid that scenario.

looking for isolating disasters

Terms searched: disasters that isolate; isolative disasters;

I need to isolate about 2000 people in a large hotel for 6 mos or better. They'll end up growing their own veggies and eating from tins, but I need to make them unreachable (and unable to get out) for that amount of time. The rest of the world can be ok - but they need to be unreachable. We're talking West Coast of US.

Any ideas? I'm having trouble finding something that doesn't also destroy where they are - the area buildings should stay standing, they should be able to grow their own food/eat from tins - but there should be no way for them to interact with whatever might be left of the outside world...

Edit 1: Buildings all good - only people gone - the idea is that this group needs to function without outside help for at least 6 mos...

Edit 2: I'm a dork - this is SF/F - I just spent a weekend at an SF con, so that was a given - what, you didn't all *know* that? ;>. (oops)