July 6th, 2012

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Pre-Vatican II Sisters of St Joseph (Australia)

I have visited the Sisters of St Joseph web site, and googled "ordination names", "catholic religious names", "catholic names", "pre Vatican II catholic names", "sisters of St Joseph" and many variations thereof.

My character is 17 in 1943. She witnesses something horrible (and supernatural) and flees from regional NSW to Sydney, and decides to join a religious order as a Sister (so she can participate in the community). She is the daughter of Irish Catholic Immigrant parents. Her birth name is Rose Martyn, but she introduces herself as Rose Kearney, because she is in hiding.

I know that pre-Vatican II, Sisters were given an ordination name when they joined a Order. I think that the Sisters of St Joseph is the best fit for her. What would her religious name be? Is it reasonable that it be Brigid (after the Irish Saint?) She's a fairly minor character speaking to my protagonist in 2012, so would her name appear odd to a lapsed catholic post Vatican II?

I heard somewhere that in the 1940s Sisters took male religious names, but I haven't been able to confirm this, so am completely lost.
Bioshock: Incinerate

Introduction of personal photos by defence in rape trial?

Searched: introducing pictures in evidence, personal pictures as defence evidence. I'm having difficulty finding things and parsing legal language.

Setting: Modern day USA

Scenario: A man is charged with rape (along with other domestic violence charges). Previous partners he abused are testifying (is this even something that would happen if they are not the accusers of the charges that are actually on file? I feel I might be drawing too much from crime shows..). Would the defence be able to introduce intimate photos featuring one of these witnesses he had in his possession in order to discredit them, during cross-examination?

At what stage would including these be disallowed or approved?