July 3rd, 2012

Judaism--Strict Conservative versus Liberal Modern O

Hi all,

I've been reading blogs about Judaism and peoples' general labels for themselves/labels others have given them re their observance level and what should be practiced versus what is. Therefore, I had some questions in regards to it so I can better determine where my MC falls on the spectrum and philosophy/reasons behind why some things are observed and some not versus what's actually practiced and how stringently. Anyone who can provide first-hand insight and clarification will have my appreciation (and maybe some Internet cookies!)

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Sorry for any mistakes/misunderstandings and the number of questions. Any insight is appreciated, and if anyone wants to add anything, please feel free, whether it's here or through PM! Once I have what I need, as always, I'll edit to say so and get back to writing (or at this point, it might be more properly called 'revising heavily'). Thanks!

Edit: Thanks all, I'm leaning closer to Conservative (middle of the road in practice for his particular family). Off I go.