June 26th, 2012


Concussion/ Hypothermia

So I have a character that's going to be knocked unconscious in a very cold environment. I want him to have quite a bad concussion (not like... brain injury/trauma) but I'm sick of seeing fics where characters get hit in the head, realize they have a concussion and then have no effects. He received a blow to the head that knocked him unconscious and then placed in this cold environment.

I've done a bit of research and I think I'm good with the concussion, I'm just not sure with the hypothermia, as I find a some of the symptoms (besides the obvious) overlay. I have him drifting in and out of consciousness anyway.

I have him being saved and brought to a hospital, where I assume they would try to get the body temperature up... do you know how long of a stay he would have? A couple days? Obviously overnight since his condition is pretty serious without the concussion. What are some of the after-effects of the hypothermia? I've read the symptoms, but once he is saved and his temp gets back to normal, what's he like? Would he be sick at all? Would just like to know, his life will be miserable anyway with the concussion.

Any help is welcome!