June 25th, 2012


GB Gymnastics, present day

One of my characters has a daughter who is an artistic gymnast, training at a prestigious gym. She isn't quite elite herself, but there are one or two at the club who are potential Olympians.

Does anyone know how the participants would discover the Olympic team? I know that the announcement will be made shortly in the real world, but I assume (potentially wrongly) that the gymnasts in question would find out in advance rather than hitting refresh online until the list is up? I've read my way through much of the British Gymnastics website and have googled as many combinations as I can think of. Although I can find details of the way the US team is selected, and I know that the UK has a series of competitions which all count towards selection, I can't find details of the announcement process. I am possibly over thinking this, but I have a scene where everyone is tense because X and Y are waiting to hear, and I rather like it (plus it is the catalist for various events). It is something I could fudge around if necessary (change the section so they discover later), but if anyone does know, it would save some restructuring.

I follow gymnastics, can cope with the structure of competitions and details of training, but if anyone has any gymnastics related resources they can recommend, particularly personal accounts, I would be very grateful.