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Setting: Ancient fantasy medieval like world.

Hi all!

I'm working on a giant AU fic that takes place in an alternate history of our world. It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, lol.

Anyway, in my story I have a Knight ordered by his Prince to protect a Princess and her guard. However, his King has ordered the Princess to be captured. Following his Prince's orders goes against the Code of Chivalry and I know he will face issues with his honor and his fellow Knights. My question is - would his choice to follow the prince make him a traitor? And if so what would the consequences be?

(U.S.) medals for chaplains in World War II

Where: real world

Searched: Wikipedia entry on "Bronze Star Medal"

It's the Battle of Monte Cassino. Our hero, an Army chaplain, is working at a battalion aid station (field hospital??) when a counter-attack brings the area up to the front line.

Heroics ensue, with our hero doing his share.

What medals is he eligible for? Not the Medal of Honor, or the Distinguished Service Cross ... Silver Star/ Bronze Star? The Wikipedia article implies being a chaplain may limit his eligibility.
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Russian Icons, Saints and orthodox practices

The time period is pre-Revolution and in the first years of the Russian Civil War and I wanted to make sure I have some details straight concerning icon use and saints for story purposes. My research has consisted of some Eastern Orthodox websites, some Russian culture websites and I am also reading " Natasha's Dance " by Orlando Figes (and for anyone else interested in russian history from the 18th century on, I highly recommend this book it is a goldmine of information) I also am just beginning my research on eastern orthodox religious practices in Russia so if I come off as ignorant at any time I do apologize for it in advance. It's just been a little confusing trying to sort it all out :)

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