June 12th, 2012

teenaged in Toronto

Location: Toronto, Canada
Time: early 1980s (1982-1985)
Terms googled: 1980s, Toronto, "growing up in Toronto", Toronto 1980s + (school, television, cinema) [and for '1980s' I substituted individual years as well]

I'm writing about a teenaged boy growing up in Toronto in a single-parent family. Here are some of the questions I have not found answers for:
1. would his mother be likely to own a car, and be able to park it in front of the house? Would he be likely to live in a detached two-story house? [checked Google Street Views, but that's modern...]
2. what evening television shows would be popular? [I know what was on-air, but not what was popular with teens] Would most TV sets still have dials and antennas (similar to these Electrohome models)?
3. would a high school student generally take a city bus to school? walk? bicycle? (I will be making up the school in the story)
4. what would a cheap cinema be?
5. would he have said he sat on the 'sofa' or 'couch'?

If there are any other things that writers often get wrong about Toronto or Canada, I'd appreciate knowing. Thank you!

ETA: Thank you so much to everyone who shared their experiences and advice, this is fabulous information. I very much appreciate the time you took to help.