June 11th, 2012

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Fishing on a purse seiner, from Scotland, modern day

I’m a first-time poster so feel free to admonish if I break any rules!

I’m writing a story where one main character is a skipper on a purse seiner that he runs out of Fraserburgh, Scotland in a modern setting. I’ve found it quite difficult to find much information about the running of these boats and so, I’m trying my luck here. Wikipedia’s information gives me some basics about how the seine technique works. That’s why I chose a purse seiner; I didn’t want the character on a trawler/dredger. What I’m having difficulty finding out is:

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Many thanks in advance. I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

Latin Help

Time: Contemporary
Setting New York City
Searches: English to Latin translator, Latin help.

I want to riff on Descartes' Cognito Ergo Sum. Is Cognito Cognito Ergo Cognito Sum, anywhere near a correct construction? I'm trying to say "I think that I think, therefor I think that I am".