June 6th, 2012

Possible dating activities in Early 1900s London

Certainly long time, no post. :)  But I've been bitten by the writing bug again, and I'm in great need of information that's being a bit elusive to me.

I intend on writing a fan-fiction for the Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji anime series, that takes place a little later than its current Victorian era time frame. We're looking at...a rough range of 1900 - 1910. I know dating technically didn't happen the same way as we refer to dating back then. However, we're dealing with the characters of the Shinigami/Reapers, who tend to be just a bit ahead of the current times.

What I'm looking for specifically is what the intended friendly couple could've possibly had to do back then if dating had gone a little more along the lines that it does now. (I.e. Boy and Girl just want to go out for a nice, legitimately fun time.) What might have been available? What was there to do aside from dinner? No funny business, as the girl's...er, "parents" will be at home waiting up and watching at the window. So it has to be kept innocent fun.

I've tried looking up "Dating in early 1900s/20th century London" and "Activities (same time frame here)" on the almighty Google. The only thing that results tend to be children's activities or the usual idea of sitting in the parlor under the parental supervision. Again, I do understand that this was more how things were actually done, but the characters, like I said, tend to be a few historical steps of their time. Victorian England setting, and in one OVA, they're seen working in a very modern-looking office building and using modern day-ish equipment.

Any help would be appreciated. This is still an epic community that's helped me many times in the past. :D
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[ANON POST] Victorian Era Politics

Setting and Characters: Hello, this is set in 1885, England, my main character is a member of the House of Lords. I know there were not elected by the people but rather held a hereditary lifetime position. So, I was wondering if anyone could give me more informations about politics of Victorian England? Precisely: if a member of the Parliament were involved in a scandal, would he be arrested? Also, could he voluntarily 'resign'?

I've tried Wikipedia and Google terms "house of lords victorian era", "politics victorian era".
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[Anon Post] 6th form in England

Anon who posted this: I'm so sorry about the delay! I didn't get either notification, and I
just noticed this was there. I hope it's not too late for you.


Hello there.

The characters in my story are attending a community school somewhere in south-east England in a suburban area. With a few exceptions, they've all got a middle-class-ish background
They're in 6th form and I've got a few questions about that:

1. Do you really only take your A-level classes during that time? (Just want to be sure, that's kind of weird for me.)
2. Are there classes which typically get chosen for A-levels?
3. Which languages are commonly offered?
4. Is it normal to get your A-levels?

Some general, more subjective questions:

1. As I understood, kids in 6th form have a lot of free time. Is it typical for them to hang out at the school and if yes, where? Do most people do their homework at school?
2. Are people typically participating in clubs?
3. Is there a huge change between year 11 and 6th form? As I heard, some schools don't offer years 12/13, so am I correct in my assumption that at a school where they do, there would be many new faces at the beginning of year 12?
4. Is it still a school atmosphere or does it feel more relaxed?

I know, these are lots of questions, sorry about that. I hope it's not too much trouble.

I read the wikipedia posts on A levels, the National Curriculum, Sixth Form and Education in England. I also read the Education and Learning pages of direct.gov.uk and looked at timetables. I also googled "6th form in England" in different variations ("experiences 6th form England", etc).