May 22nd, 2012

platonic terms of affection in Farsi, diminuitives for Roshanak?

I'm looking for terms of endearment between a mother and child, and between sisters. In other words, non-sexual ones. I've googled every variation of "terms of endearment, farsi" "farsi pet names" "terms of affection" and "terms of affection between parent and child". I really don't want to make the mistake of using a term with sexual connotations. It's fine if it's out of date or old fashioned, as this takes place something like 1500 years ago. Hyper-realism as far as the time frame and the naming conventions of the time is not important right now.

I read here that adding "joon" or "ak" makes a Farsi name diminutive, are there other ways to make a girl's name sweeter? How might the family of a girl named Roshanak "nickname" her?

delinquency stereotypes in japanese middle schools?

what would be some common appearance and behavior stereotypes for delinquency in Japanese schools during the modern day? the character in question is 13 and has a reputation as being a delinquent, even though he's never really done anything distinctively bad and isn't trying to necessarily follow any "typical delinquent subcultures". also, is the Juggalo subculture at all present in Japan? i can't find ANYTHING that might help.

it would also be helpful if someone could tell me if the Yanki subculture is still a thing over there and if a 13 year old girl (another character) would realistically be in that subculture?

i've googled variants of "modern day japan delinquant" and i keep getting things about Yanki and Bosozoku.