May 21st, 2012

Motorcycle crash: injuries to order

Two characters are hit by a car while riding a motorcycle. The boy, aged 18, is driving; the girl, 17, is on the back.

I've read various stories on the internet about crashes but I haven't found anything that really suits what I need. I don't really know what to search to get specifics, just stuff like "motorcycle accident" "teen motorcycle crash" "car/motorcycle crash" etc.  

What needs to happen:

Boy needs to land in hospital with some serious injuries, possibly life-threatening, but still with a chance of full recovery (however slim). 

Girl needs to be injured too, but only enough that she'd be out of hospital a lot sooner than the boy, with something like a broken wrist or ankle or cracked ribs, anything like that that she would recover from quickly. 

Also if possible, I'd like the girl to get trapped underneath the motorcycle until someone comes onto the scene and helps her out from under it. If this seems unlikely given what other circumstances I want, then I'll ditch it, but if there's a way to work it in that would be cool. 

I don't really know anything about motorcycles, and little about car accidents - so how would this scenario play out? Any help appreciated. 

Final note: Both are wearing leather jackets, jeans, and helmets with visors. Story set in Sydney, Australia. 

What does a human bite feel like?

I'm looking for someone who has been bitten by a human so hard that the skin was pierced/blood was drawn. It's relatively easy to find first-aid manuals for this situation, but what I'm looking for is how it physically feels. Cut because questions might be triggery.Collapse )

I have googled for "human bite", "(wo)man bit me", and "s/he bit me". The former seems to lead to a lot of first aid instructions, and the two latter sets of search terms to either vampire fiction or really short mentions that this happened but no descriptions.

Arizona, 1920s - Pre-"La Paz county", geography and demographics

I use the term "Pre-"La Paz county"" as I discovered through Wikipedia that the county itself was established in 1983. I'm trying to follow the route of I-10, as it goes from Phoenix through Quartzsite into California. This route is being taken by a motorist in the 1960s, but I want to find out - and I don't know quite how - if it's feasible that there were hamlets, villages or even a few houses in the region during the 1920s. What I'm looking to do here is create a ghost town that existed up to the early 1920s, before a murder drove the residents out of the community.

Due to the relatively young age of the county, trying to find information on demographics prior to 1980s is thus far difficult. If, based on the previous question, there were communities within the county in the 1920s that I can draw information on, would there be a predominant religion that the inhabitants would follow? Or would it be something of a mixed bag? I had hoped to do a service for the two murders that took place, but I would like to have an idea on what religion I need to focus my research on.

Wikipedia - "Quartzsite, Arizona"; "La Paz, Arizona", "La Paz County, Arizona".
Google - Arizona Maps (to try and narrow down communities)