May 6th, 2012


Residential marriage counselling / inpatient therapy

Hi group:

I'm working on a story partially set at a marriage counselling retreat. It's a murder mystery/romance set in the present day, and the clinic/retreat would be run by a therapeutic team and would have approximately 8 couples. The setting is an acreage in the wine country of Northern California, and it's going to be fairly therapeutic in physical layout and practical activities, rather than being a fun 'B&B'-type retreat. There will be gender segregation, group activity rooms, communal recreation rooms, private therapy rooms, etc, like a private therapeutic clinic.

I was wondering if anyone has experience of - or knows where I could go to find out - what specific activities and exercises the couples would do.
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E2A: I know that marriage counselling is a very specific segment of therapy; if anyone has personal experience or insights into other types of clinical retreats, be they for eating disorders, addiction, OCD, or other issues, that would be helpful as well.

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Polish prep school in late 1930s/early 40s

Hello all, first post here.

My character goes to a Catholic preparatory school in Poland around late 1930s and early 1940s. I'm wondering what the curriculum typically consisted of for a year twelve student, particularly in maths and science classes. So far I have her in Latin, French, English (composition, reading, recitation, etc), Bible, music, P.E., history, and geography, with sewing and swimming lessons once a week. 

Here are the (many) questions I have:
Assuming they have a greenhouse, would botany/horticulture be taught? Did they teach trigonometry, calculus, and geometry? Were there physics, biology, and physical science lessons? Astronomy? Were there chemistry labs? How in-depth and up-to-date were these science classes? 

I've googled these questions in different formats for a few hours and have only gotten the subjects that were taught, not what the specific teachings were. I also looked through the tags and found nothing. If any links to further reading could be provided, that would be great. Thanks!
Romola - Sunshine

Emergency Trauma Injury To Order + First Aid Response

Setting: Modern day London

Character A (a doctor) gets injured in an earthquake. Character B--under character A's instruction--needs to perform emergency first aid. I need character A's injury to be serious enough that he can't wait for rescue to get treatment. They're trapped in rubble, and it could be a while before they're dug out. I know anything life-threatening isn't going to have some Magical Cure; I just need something that character B can plausibly do something about, however risky, because he has to in order to keep character A alive.

I've been googling all kind of first aid related terms, trying to find something that fits: "chest trauma," "punctured lung," "first aid," "emergency surgery," etc. The terms are just too broad, and I'm not finding much by way of first aid instructions beyond "cover with a blanket and seek professional medical attention as soon as possible." Ugh.

ETA: Thanks so much for all the ideas, everyone! This place is endless source of information. :)

Chinese Translation

Hello again! This community did wonders for my German phrase finding. Now if only that character had lived long enough for it to become relevant... Ah well.

I have an exchange between two characters in modern Chinese (any dialect/style/etc will do). The though of using GoogleTranslate just makes my skin itch, and the phrase I'm aiming to translate isn't one you'd find in a travel book.

1. "We were attacked by Falcom's magic whore." [(He's referring to a female character with minor regenerative powers, FYI.) Falcom is the proper name of a company. It would be nice to have that converted to script as well, but if not possible, not the end of the world.] Answered!

2. "Say again." [As in a polite request to repeat oneself. I found a translation on Yahoo!Answers, but I'm not sure if it's legit.] Answered!

Thanks so much for all your help!