May 3rd, 2012


Trans character being outed

Wasn't really sure how or what to Google on this one--I guess it's more of a "what seems plausible to you?"

So. I am writing a medieval-ish fantasy with a trans teenager as the protagonist. His immediate family is aware that he is trans and they are okay with it. The other people in the village where he lives believe he is a cis male. I've planned it that part of what will compel him to leave home and begin his quest is his brother-in-law discovering that he is female-bodied.

However, I just can't figure out how to work in the discovery without being incredibly trite. The "caught bathing in the river/pond" thing is so overdone. Making it harder is the fact that I have some specific requirements, without which I'm going to have to completely rework what happens afterwards.
  • I want it to be an innocent accident, not the result of any kind of abuse on the BIL's part

  • If at all possible, I want my protagonist to be unaware that he's been discovered until later.

  • Protagonist is a slightly underfed farm-boy, so he does not bother with binding--his breasts are small enough to hide under a loose shirt. So I can't really do something using binding to give it away.

Any ideas you all have would be very much appreciated!