April 30th, 2012

Light speed travel.

I need some help with this.

Story takes place a couple thousand years from now. Someone develops light-speed space travel. How far, in terms of our own galaxy, could a ship travel in about a five hundred years?

I suspect not very far, but I can't get anywhere close to figuring this out. (It's not quite something that can be googled and it's a little... math-y. I'm pretty bad at math.)

Help is appreciated way in advance.

Hawaiian Endearments

the grandmother in my story is full-blood Hawaiian and the grandfather was stationed there in the military. i'm not setting the story in Hawaii, i've never been there so i couldn't do it properly, but i need a tiny bit of help with the language.

the only parts of the language i want to use are the relationship (grandpa/ma, dad, daughter) and the common endearments between them. i've searched through Google and gotten a lot of links that end up being more surfing slang than Hawaiian, lover instead of family relations and a few tourists dictionaries. the Ask.com and Yahoo!Answers comments say to just look in baby name sites/books for them.