April 27th, 2012

go away or I shall taunt you a 2nd time

Horses in Tunnels

I have a bunch of roughly a dozen horses, each led by one person, going down some steps and into a tunnel. The tunnel is at least wide enough for three horses to walk side by side (but they'll be going single file), easily tall enough for the horses but not enough for them to be ridden. It's pitch black apart from the flame torches the people will be carrying, and at least a couple of kilometres/miles/distances long. Basically, it's an escape tunnel in an ancient palace for the then-royal family to get out of the city.

My question, how would the horses react to this situation? From the horses in the lead to those following, how they'd react to the pitch blackness, and also the fire torches (and some magic blue fire but I'll go with regular fire for that), and finally when they come out the other end into bright sunshine.