April 16th, 2012

Military deployment questions

This isn't for this website's journal, so if you hope to see anything posted about this here, I'm sorry to say you'll be waiting a long time. However I don't have anything like this over at my "clean journal" website.

I don't know how to research some of this besides asking people who were in the military. Most of the books or internet reference sites that describe deployment and issues with malcontents are all rather official. I am looking more for the stuff that falls between and the "skinny" on what really happens how it is handled. My brother was in the Air Force but doesn't talk about those years.

Setting: Fictional future, a fractured USA ( while it's easy to say "well it's the future! make it whatever you want", I'd rather base it off of existing or past ways this has been handled to give the fictional account some validity ( preference on non-politically correct ))
Researched terms: naval, personnel, deployment, aviators, squadrons, hazing(not accurate but only term I can use to describe), disciplinary issues, flight deck, working conditions
Research Items: DOD Systems PDF dec2005, catalog.crl.edu, wiki, live-brary
( I've been collecting data for over a year and didn't write down each book or publication )

First preface: Let's say you were out on leave or just coming in from boot camp. You have to show up by a set time and place, natch! BUT...
Question: Is there a main staging area to show up at then the entire unit is sent to their ship, en-masse, that they then board, OR is it that people randomly just start showing up?

Second preface: If someone was a "slacker"; let's say they passed boot camp, but some of their fellow non-coms they were stationed with were of the opinion that the individual was a "slacker" ( whiner, special needs, etc etc etc ); I realize that hazing of military personnel is frowned on, but my future concept isn't so politically correct and follows closer to former military attitudes.
Question: would stationed personnel tend to ride the slacker? ( bust on them, tease, chide, ridicule, etc ( in a "maybe you made a mistake joining" kind of way )) or is that something that is just done by a drill sergeant during boot camp?

Naval Aviators:
Question: How big or small can a squadron be?  ( I've seen some references that suggest a squadron is usually 5-6, but some suggest it is about 12-24 and others say it's just groups of 2 (or is that just a "flight"? ))
Question: Are medic helo's also deployed in squadrons or only as a single craft?
Question: Do Aircraft Carrier personnel who would work on the flight deck go below deck during high winds or do they continue to work, using tie-downs and handrails?
Question: What is the max "safe" wind speed to work on the flight deck (before you are blown off)? ( I understand that probably also depends on ship speed too)

Witch Mother/doctor

In my story I have a witch that in effect took care of a village right around the turn of the first century in England (1000 a.d. or c.e.).  I have been trying to find if there was any honorifics entitled to that position.  I found the term witch mother once, but it was in reference to another time period. 

Was that even something they would recognize and if so how would the person be treated?  This is a major part of my characters history so I really don't want to screw up.  I have goolged 'witches turn of the first millennium ' 'witches 1000 years ago' and various other combinations but they do not yield what appears to be a good link.  Although I am about to purchase the book:

The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium
by Robert Lacey, Danny Danziger

Which looks like it would provide quite a bit of information for my characters life. (not sure how to get rid of the bold now...) 

Are there any other resources you could recommend?  I don't mind doing the leg work myself if there is some other books you can tell me about or links.

EDIT: So because some times I am very dense it seems...I need information about growing up and everything around that time.  My character grew up in this time frame she will have mannerisms and the such I want them to be accurate.  Any help at all is very welcome and much appreciated!
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