April 15th, 2012

Naming Orphans in 19th Century England

The setting is in an alternate universe England in the 19th century.

Basically, my character is one who grew up in an orphanage. She doesn't have a clue as to where she came from or who her parents were, much less what her parents would have named her. So, how did orphanages back then name their wards? I have a first name for her - I'd assume they choose whatever first name - but what about a family name? Were they even given family names at all?

I Googled "how are orphans named" and I get mostly results about modern day orphans. I went more specific and added "nineteenth century England orphan naming" and got nothing. I even went general and looked into "Orphans in nineteenth century England" and the information was mostly about orphanages, how orphans were raised, why children were left at orphanages, etc., but nothing about naming them.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

EDIT: Wow, I'd reply to every one but I ended up getting lots of responses! xD Thanks for the help, everyone. I think I have enough information to go one now.

Guatemala - Ixtepeque's obsidian

This is a weird request, I know it.  I don't know where else to ask/look for, so if anyone is able to help me, I'll be more than happy.

Now... I'm doing a paper (a small essay) for a class about Ixtepeque's obsidian distribution, already have info on this... but I haven't been able to get my claws on images of the obsidian from Ixtepeque, cores or artifacts (both are preferred).

And I also need to confirm Ixtepeque's obsidian physical characteristics.  Just have a little description of it.  I don't really need the chemical composition of it.

Have searched "Ixtepeque obsidian", and "obsidiana de Ixtepeque" (English and Spanish, with and without "") in google search and google images, and only have results on this page (in Spanish).

I know there is a book "Cristales y obsidiana prehispánicos" by Mari Carmen Serra Puch, Felipe R. Solís Olguín and Michel Zabé... that my -sometimes really hated- university library DOES NOT HAVE.

Just a note:  I have no access to jstor and archaeology journals (Ancient Mesoamerica, Latin American Antiquity, etc.).  I have to FAMSI, Redalyc and Asociación Tikal, but still haven't found images that SAY they are from Ixtepeque obsidian.

Thanks for helping me out!!