April 13th, 2012

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Mid-Atlantic US lawyers: do they have to retake the bar at intervals? etc.

Hello folks,

I'm coming across a major detail for a supporting character: it's an urban fantasy piece but he's supposed to be an essentially retired lawyer (having practiced largely in DC, MD, VA, DE, maybe a couple of other states such as NY but those are the main ones). However, even though he's supposedly retired from practice, he is still current and does occasionally advise.

However, I'm not sure if such a setup is possible. There's taking and passing all the state bars, which would be a feat in itself, but is there a re-certification or professional education requirement to keep the eligibility to practice for lawyers? Is it across the board, or does particular field of law factor into it?

I've tried to run searches - general ones though, because I haven't the faintest where to look. "Law in MD" or "becoming a lawyer in DC" gives me law schools and firm sites. x.x

Edit: Thanks everyone! I might have some other questions later, but this helps me greatly!
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Where to Sew a Pearl into a Body

The setting is modern day. I'm not so worried about how a pearl would be sewen into the body, more where on the body it could be done safely.

Backstory: a character is a prisoner and has a pearl (about 1 CM diameter) that he wants to keep on his person at all times but he doesn't want his guards to find it. A friend of the prisoner with medicine skills has offered to sew the pearl into his flesh so that he'd never lose it and at the same time it's unlikely to be found. My big question now is where?

I know that in history there are cases of people sewing jewels into their arms but I haven't had much luck in googling exact information about that. My boyfriend thinks that the side under the ribs would be the best place. I thought it would be a good idea to check with this community.

I've searched "sewing jewel into flesh/skin" "how to sew jewel into flesh/skin" "stitching jewel into flesh/skin" and variations on that.

EDIT TO ADD: Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. I didn't consider that the pearl would have to be encased first, but I'll make sure to include that detail now in my story.
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Life in a feudal town

Anyone know any good books or sites for researching life in a town in feudal Europe? My story is fantasy, so it doesn't have to be perfectly historically accurate, but I would like it to have a semblance of feudal Europe. I am specifically focusing on life for the lower classes, though not serfs, people who would live and trade in the town.

I've done some searches on feudalism in general, feudal towns, and orphanages in feudal Europe.

My character grows up in an orphanage, though it seems that most were run by the church, but in my world there is no such church, so it would be run by the government. Does this seem feasible? I've also read that orphans may be apprenticed out to learn a trade. Another thing, does it seem unlikely that children would learn to read and write at an orphanage, especially as members of the lower class?

Edit: Oh, yes, by "government" I was thinking government of the town itself.

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