April 3rd, 2012

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MOD POST: Profile update

The new paragraph reads:
Questions involving explicit descriptions of sexual acts (either in the question itself or in the anticipated answers) need to be marked as containing explicit adult content. Questions that contain information that could be used to harm someone or to break US law need to be friendslocked so that they stay off search engines.

If you're wondering - nothing happened. I just had to delete a post about suicide methods that was attracting anonymous comments from people who found it through a search engine. I don't like to delete posts.

The adult content rule is to play it safe with LJ Abuse, so that this community remains open to all writers, not just those over 18.
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English children's pop culture/toys/books

I have searched "1980 English children's culture/toys/television shows" but that seems to be far too broad, and when I try to narrow it down, I get more info about adults than children's culture.

What kind of TV shows/books would a boy who was four or five in 1980 might have watched or read? What toys might he have played with? I'm American, and know vaguely of Blue Peter, but I don't know if you were getting Sesame Street then, I don't know if our children's books [Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak etc] were your children's books,and I do not know if your kiddies were playing with Legos or Fischer-Price or Play-doh or what, although I am aware of Action Man and Playmobil.

It is a small precocious child from a wealthy family, so he may not necessarily be into things aimed at his age bracket, but I'd still like to know what was common.

Edit: You guys are awesome, thank you so much! That's definitely more info than I dared hope for, but exactly the kind of thing I wanted.

Do I tag, or is that a mod job?