April 1st, 2012


Human Leather

I'm working on a story wherein inanimate leather objects come to life. The setting is "the future." Precisely when is vague and unimportant. It could even be an alternate reality. While the setting is already pretty out-there and illogical, I'd still like to have a good idea of how human leather is going to hold up.

Aforementioned leather people used to be things like furniture, clothing, and fetish gear. They would all come from the same leather made out of humans, though I imagine it would be treated differently? How would this affect the person's... quality of life? Could they do the things anyone else might or would some (or all) of them need to be especially wary of the weather? Could they crack and wear out over time? How much time? Would there be ways to avoid that?

I've had some modest luck searching Google for human leather. Searching about the practicality of people with leather instead of skin hasn't turned up much, though. I'm interested in seeing how other people would picture these kinds of beings functioning in day-to-day life. I'm prepared to bend science around these guys, but I'd still like a tiny bit of realism in there.

BTW... Maybe I'm just sleepy, but I couldn't figure out what tag to use. My apologies if there was something obvious this fits under.

German History: Trummerfrauen

I'm writing a young-adult book in poems about Rubble Women in Berlin in 1945, called "From the eyes of the Trummerfrauen". I've got a fair amount of information about what they did and how it differed in various parts of Berlin under the allies, and life in Berlin at the end of the war. Though I've read a lot of first hand accounts of living through Berlin in 1945, they don't talk very much about their lives as Trummerfrauen, the details of working and friendships.

I'm looking for experiential stories. Did they always work the same lines or would they be assigned to different lines each day? Did they share lunches or go off to eat by themselves so they didn't have to share what little they had? What did they talk about to each other on the lines? Was there support or blame? What happened to the kids when all the women were to report to work?

I'm also looking for anecdotes about how individuals dealt with the details of everyday life. Ex. one family had the doctor write a prescription for cod liver oil, feeling that at least it was something they could eat when they had nothing else.

I appreciate any help you can give me about the Trummerfrauen or day to day life in Berlin. The only books specifically about Trummerfrauen that I've found, are written entirely in German. I should have taken German in college :(
Thank you.

Life in American Catholic high schools

I've done some Google searches for variations on "American Catholic high schools" and poked around some websites of specific Catholic schools, as well as the USA High School tag on this community, but what I'm really looking for are just, well, little details about what everyday life in a Catholic school would be like from a student's perspective. (A real student, not an idealized school website one ;) ) My story is set roughly now, but I suspect stories from the last ~20 years or so would be helpful. I'm aware it would vary from school to school, but if there are any Catholic school grads out there who would like to share any details, I'd love them! This can be anything from the super basic stuff that you assume every Catholic high school does to idiosyncracies that you're pretty sure were unique to your Catholic school.

(For your reference, I attended public high school in the early 2000s and most of what I previously knew about Catholic school is from pop culture, which tends to play Catholic schools for humor--I'm looking for some more realistic information. Also, I'm not necessarily looking for information on super draconian ruler-slapping schools or priest child abuse, etc. -- more like mainstream, modern, generally pleasant Catholic schools.)

ETA: the school in question is an all-boys school in New Orleans, around now.

Thanks in advance, Catholic school grads!
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[ANON POST] Hindi translation - dirty talk, apology

I'm looking for two sentences in Hindi. Setting is modern-day; the characters are not native Hindi speakers, learned it some time ago, and would be prone to outdated phrasing.

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Second is from a man to a woman, with whom he's on friendly but polite terms: "Mrs. Patel, I'm dreadfully sorry." (Because she heard the first sentence, and saw him making out with his boyfriend in public, if it matters.) Looking through phrasebooks suggested "Shreematee Patel, maaf kijiye". Is there an appropriate adjective I could use for him to indicate the depth of his apology?