March 26th, 2012

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Architecture of Chinese Suburbs

I'm wondering if there exist suburbs anywhere in China that are -

(a) Not full of "American-style" houses
(b) Not full of "traditional" houses
(c) Not apartments

Like, for example ... if you look at images of suburbs in Japan, you can see houses that aren't traditional but still have a sort of Japanese style about them. They might look strange if you plopped them down in the American Midwest.

I want to know if there's a Chinese equivalent. I can find information on how new "American style" homes are being built in "American style" suburbs, and I can find information about apartment complexes and housing bubbles... but before the "American style" thing caught on, were there houses in suburbs that weren't traditional but weren't American either? Can I find pictures of those somewhere?

I've tried all sorts of combinations of "china", "chinese", "suburb", "house", "new", "modern," "contemporary," etc, and only get stuff that's of economic or architectural interest. I'm not sure if this means what I'm looking for didn't exist, or people just find it boring.

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: I am not looking for information on traditional styles of houses. I have plenty of information on those! I would be surprised if you could point me to a traditional style I'm not already aware of.

I specifically want to know what a newer house in a Chinese suburb would look like if it wasn't built in an American style or built to look like a traditional house - or know that such a thing doesn't exist.

Edit: I found this picture, which may give a better idea of what I'm looking for. I have no idea how common this look is (and it looks like it's for rich people), but as you can see, there are some traditional influences but it's not really traditional.

Common pub names in Norway

Setting: late 19th century Oslo.

Basically one character writes a note to another, telling him to come meet him in a certain pub. So I'm looking for a typical, old-fashioned name for a Norwegian pub or guesthouse.

I've googled all the obvious variations of 'common Norwegian pub names'. I even tried 'vanligste navn på kneiper' (pieced together with the help of a dictionary ;) ) but I can understand the results enough to know I'm not finding what I'm looking for there either. Any Norwegians out there who could help me out?