March 22nd, 2012


Ideal hiding places, no holds barred

Okay, say you're a kid (about, oh, twelve years old and roughly five feet tall). Where would be some really weird places for you to hide well in and be able to scare someone by randomly appearing out of? This can be anywhere, such as a store or in a house or in a car or in the streets or anywhere. I've been looking all over Google, but no dice for places where kids can hide or squeeze into and my brain isn't really coming up with much except a garbage can, a pile of dirty laundry, a dryer, on a fridge, and in the ceiling. 

(Most of the people in the world are dead, so there's no one around to protest any of the locations including other people's houses, dog houses, employees only workplaces, in a forest, in a barn, etc. This takes place in the south-eastern states, like Georgia and in any weather.)

...Oddly enough, I'm finding none of the tags apply.

I'd like to thank everyone who has replied so far. Keep those comments coming! :)
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[ANON POST] breaking someone's hand with a fictional weapon

Setting is Star Wars: The Old Republic (several thousand years before the movies, setting with high tech healing)

I don't know how to research this. Maybe somebody has an idea? Maybe this is a case of whatever the author goes with works.

Idea was to have Character A break Character B's hand by smashing it with the end of an electrostaff. Looking at pictures of the type of electrostaff, I'm not sure if that works because of the way the ends are. Can't think of anything real life to google to see what sort of damage Character B would incur. I need Character B to not have use of their hand until they get medical treatment. Attached link to pic of type of electrostaff.;view:11605