March 16th, 2012

Hello Cthulhu!

Private jets/airports and security for overseas travel

Time: Present
Situation: billionaire CEO flying himself and love interest to Paris, France aboard private jet
Location: near New York City

As one who's only ever flown commercial herself, I'm curious what kind of security a small private airport (the kind that house expensive personal aircraft) would have, as well as how current international regulations would affect travel. The plane would only have the two lovebirds and pilots aboard (unless further support staff are necessary?).

1) Could they fly internationally from the small airport or would they need to leave from/touch down at a larger international terminal first?

2) Is security as rigorous at these private airports?

3) Are there any additional security restrictions (besides Customs) once they land in Paris?

Any additional info I may have missed for this situation would be helpful. I've flown internationally several times so know the paperwork necessary, but again that was through commercial not anything private. Thanks.