March 11th, 2012

Effects of a change of climate on someone's health?

This question may or may not make much sense. Beforehand I searched combinations of 'climate changes', 'effects of moving', to new climate', 'change of temperature', 'desert to cold', 'relocation' and the like. That's turned up zilch. 

So, how would a drastic change in climate/surrounding physical environment affect a person's mental and physical health. More specifically, how would moving from the desert lands of Egypt/Sudan to a very,very polluted southern England affect this sixteen year old girl?

I was expecting maybe lung problems due to the chills, flus, fevers. Possibly depression and other psychological changes, as the England I'm choosing to convey is nothing but gray, rain, and desolation? Both short-term and long-term effects would be greatly appreciated.

*My first LiveJournal post- how exciting- and many thanks*
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Deep South - USA - speech idiom

I've come across a lovely phrase from the Deep South: 'strawberry friend', meaning someone who is a fairweather friend, only appears when there are strawberries to share.

My story is set in 1964. Would this phrase have been in use then? Is it still in use now? Will it be recognised, or will I need to add a phrase to ensure readers work out its meaning from context?

I'm reluctant to cut it, it sounds so good.