March 10th, 2012

Drugged Neal

Psychiatric evaluations in the ER, and what happens next

Terms I've googled: Psychiatric evaluation, ER. Psychosis, ER. Psychosis, diagnosis. Psychiatric procedures, ER.

Setting: present day United States.

I more or less know a decent amount about psychiatric evaluations and hospitalization. However, most of the information I can find has to do with situations where a person is suicidal or already has a documented history of mental illness, and I'm not sure how my situation might change things.

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What does tea smell like? Can horses ride in snow?

Okay, this is a difficult question to answer as I'm asking for subjective opinions, but I'm trying to describe the smell of tea. My character has never smelled or tasted it, and I've been sniffing cups of tea for the last few days trying to figure out how to describe the smell as someone who is unfamiliar with it. It's black tea brewed with hot water and loose leaf tea, no milk or sugar. This is surprisingly hard for me to figure out! What would you say tea smells like to someone who hasn't smelled or tasted it before? When I google it as "what does tea smell like", "tea smell", "tea scent" and other variations, all I get are things to do with tea made with marijuana! The only vaguely helpful description I found describes tea as smelling "sweet and floral" which doesn't sound right to me at all.

Second question is if horses can ride in snow. I figure they can ride in shallow snow, but how deep could snow be before they wouldn't be able to ride? How much slower would snow make the horse? I've tried "horse riding snow", "horse speed", "horse speed snow".

Thanks so much for any help!

*Edit* Thanks so much guys! This is the first time I've asked this community anything and you've really delivered!