March 9th, 2012

Full Care for Large 3rd Degree burns.

Before I start I searched for 'burns,' '3rd degree burns,' 'care 3rd degree burns,' 'how to tend 3rd degree burns,' '3rd degree burn first aid,' and 'immediate care 3rd degree burns.'

The story takes place in today's world. The character is supernatural and is about 500 years old, but appears about 40 and can heal quickly, once he gets proper care. Due to this he can't go to the hospital after getting 3rd degree burns from an open bonfire reaching from his palms to his elbow, as well as 2nd degree burns around his ankle, but the friend helping him is almost qualified (he was an EMT for about 5 years, 10 or so years ago), and they have a fully stocked professional first aid kit. Before getting the friend to help he had it wrapped in an ace bandage for an hour at most.

Just a side note, the arms had wool sleeves covering them when the burn happened.

I need to know how the burn would be cared for once the friend started helping and what kind of care would be needed after the 'not-quite-professional' help was given.

US Military in the 90s and NYPD Requirements

I'm creating a character who I envision as a detective-investigator with the NYPD, who has also had a previous career in the military. I'm mostly concerned about getting his timeline straight, as he is thirty-five years old and would have joined the military straight out of high school but I'd like to know that what I have in his history thus far is plausible.

I've already done Google searches with the terms 'NYPD detective-investigator' 'Minimum service in US military' and 'NYPD police officer hiring requirements' as well as checking through the archive tags here, reading the enrollment website for the US military (which doesn't really help as I'm looking for enrollment details from about sixteen years ago) and checking the Wikipedia pages for detective-inspector, New York Police department ranks, United States military and timeline of 20th century United States military engagements.

I've gotten a lot of information about the individual parts but what I need is more concise information to tell me if his history is correct or not. The questions I have then are:
1) If someone enlisted in the US military in 1996, what was the most likely place they might be deployed to while serving?
2) How long was the minimum service term including training at that point?
3) Would someone with no post-secondary education but a career in the military be allowed to apply to become a police officer in NYC? (I have very conflicting information on this as some sources seem to say yes provided they have their GED and others say no, post-secondary education is required)
4) How many years of training are required with the NYC police academy before a person is a full officer?
5) How long would someone have to be a police officer before they could be promoted to detective-inspector?