February 22nd, 2012

[ANON POST] Ritual/ceremony performed for a person who has died a violent death in the Buddhist fait

Setting: Fictional continent on a parallel earth
Time period: Roughly equal to 15th Century.
Technology level: Ditto

A (undefined) form of Buddhism has traveled across “Europe” to this land and is the dominate religion.

A young villager is killed by the local dragon. Is there anything beyond the standard “burial” practices that might be done, like special prayers or additional rituals for one who may not have been fully prepared?

I have tried burial rites, funeral ceremony, violent death, unexpected deaths, and found half a dozen articles dealing with the standard funeral services, but these seem geared towards those that have died of illness or age, so I am unsure if there would be anything different in a ceremony for a young person (20ish) who has died unexpectedly.

Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.

Pranking--especially electronic

My character A (female, 15) witnessed a crime. Her nervous relatives hire a private eye (female, 23) to watch her. A doesn't hate B, but she resents being tailed and fears her friends will dump her. What can A do to sabotage B so she can get back her freedom?

Setting is present-day U.S. I've researched electronic pranking, pranks, books on pranks so far, but I'd like some original ideas!