February 20th, 2012

axis fuck yeah

simple fix for a (deliberately) broken car

Hey all, my story involves a stalker who wants to manufacture a meeting with the object of his obsession. Their paths don't really cross, at least not anywhere that would be more private, so the most efficient way would be for the stalker to "break" the stalkee's car, then swoop in to save the day. A flat tire would probably make sense, and I could always fall back to that, but I was wondering if there were any other quick/simple possibilities that people could think of?

Setting is a nice enough town in a generally wooded area, and the stalkee drives a Jeep Wrangler, or older Model CJ, if that makes a difference or gives you any inspiration :)

I've tried searching for rigging/fixing a car to break down, simple car fixes, simple car problems, even things like car practical jokes. I get a lot of very serious technical car talk, or really bizarre pranks, and I am lost.
Ose Hallel

Napoleonic era Parkour

My work takes place in a period roughly analogous to the Napoleonic era. Magic exists and with it the ability to enhance oneself with magic. There are people with superhuman strength and there are people who use this to hop around the city like madmen. I'm looking for books  - aside from Mistborn - or short stories that describe this sort of movement. It doesn't matter if it's Spider-Man or an urban fantasy series, but I need to see some other authors' descriptions of how to do this the right way. It feels like the descriptions I'm using are too subdued and don't convey the sense of speed or power that such enhancements would engender. 

I'm also wondering what I should call the shoes they have to wear for this. Creepers? Clingers? Geckos?

Thanks in advance.