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Medieval Resource

Great resource for "What did people do: in a Medieval City?" jobs, duties, careers - a really comprehensive list! from jaylake

EDIT: Please see syntinen_laulu's comment below - there is clearly issue with this list, so take it as a starting point and check it with other sources. If you can't use the OED (you need to be subscribed or at a library that is), there are other reliable sources out there.
John Locke

Medieval priests too ill to celebrate mass

I've tried numerous Google searches, along the lines of "priests unable to say mass", "medieval priests too sick to celebrate mass", etc.  I've also looked on the Wikipedia articles for "History of medieval Christianity" and "History of Christianity", as well as "Priesthood (Catholic Church)" and "Mass (liturgy)".  I can't seem to find an answer to my very situational question.  So I'll try posting it here.  The setting is medieval Norway (just before the Black Death) in the diocese of Hamar.  

What would happen if a priest fell ill and was unable to celebrate the mass?  He's not necessarily dying (though of course no one is able to know this), but his illness is such that he can't get out of bed for very long each day.  Who would say mass for him?  Would one of the local church workers, such as the sacristan for example, celebrate mass for him, or would they send to the bishop to have a replacement sent to them?  And what kind of replacement would be sent?  A newly ordained priest who wasn't given a curate yet?  Or one of the minor orders who don't have a curate at all?  

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this!  
James headdesk
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Injuries to cause slow recovery and difficulty moving


I'm writing a fanfic of Lewis and I have a plot line where the younger character, Sgt Hathaway, is kidnapped.

I'm not going to go into details of what actually happens to him in the story, its mostly going to be  a fic about Lewis and Innocent (The boys' boss) worrying about him and visiting him in hospital and his subsequent recovery. 

I need to know whether the injuries I have so far would be slow recovering and would mean he spent time in a wheelchair / unable to live alone. Ideally, I'd like to have him having to live with Lewis for as long as it would take. I've searched for the different injuries but they don't have information on how the different injuries would complicate each other. Such as; Would a broken hand mean that he couldn't use a wheelchair? Would he be given a motorised on that could be controlled with one hand? Would he not be given a chair at all, but taught how to handle a crutch with one hand instead?

The injuries that I have sort of got so far are:
 - Broken Fingers/Hand (however I am aware that a broken hand is often never fully fixed)
 - A broken ankle/leg.
 - Cracked Rib or two (but not serious enough to puncture lungs or anything)
 - Possibly been strangled a little so he would have a hoarse voice for a while.
 - And the obvious bruises and cuts that would go with it.

Basically I think my question is how long this would roughly take for him to fully recover? Would he be able to go home (His or Lewis') before he is fully recovered? Or would he be in hospital for the duration? Are these injuries ok for a relatively long recovery time? Are there any other injuries that would be realistic/beneficial to the plot line? Also any treatment knowledge would be very very helpful.

Search terms used: broken ankle wrist and ribs recovery time, recovery of various breaks, when can someone come home from hospital after broken hand, when is a wheelchair issued from hospital.

Thank you very much in advance :)

EDIT: Lewis is set in Oxford, England, nowadays (in 2012). I forgot to put that in before.

Pakistani wedding customs for non-Pakistani bride

Location/time: UK, 21st century

Situation: An 11 year old Pakistani girl is invited to be a flower-girl at the wedding of a Caucasian couple. She’s lived in England all her life, and wears both the traditional tunic/scarf/pants and jeans and t-shirts. She’s been raised by a single father who has long been estranged from his extended family, but he’s active in the local Pakistani community, so she’d still have lots of contact with women of her culture.

Question 1: the girl and the bride are great friends (former next-door neighbour and babysitter) so I want the girl to do something customary from her own culture for the bride. I’m looking for something more traditional than religious; I’d really like the Pakistani equivalent of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ or putting a silver sixpence in your shoe.

I’ve searched for ‘pakistani wedding customs’ and the best I can come up with is a modified version of Rasm E Mehndi (henna party); with the girl going to see the bride a day or two before her wedding and insisting on singing a ritual blessing while decorating her feet and/or wrists with henna. While nominally Church of England (and it may be the non-legal celebration after a quickie registry office wedding to satisfy the legal requirements) the bride would let the girl do this simply because she adores the girl and accepts the gesture in the spirit it’s meant.

Question 2: the girl’s father is, as I’ve said, very involved in the local Pakistani community and it’s issues. He’s a professor, but I’m not sure of what; what are the chances that he would/could become an official – a registrar, I believe it’s called? – and perform a civil ceremony?