February 5th, 2012

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More Specific Online Naming Database

I am looking for a name database with sort of unusual specifications and wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for names from Russia, Scandanvia, and Mongolia, but they need to be names that would sound old or a little out of place to a native of that country. Like naming your daughter Nelly or Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery.

For example, one of my characters was born in Russia about a hundred and fifty years ago, and would have been given a name that was maybe ten to thirty years out of date. His daughter, who would have been born about fifteen years ago somewhere in Scandanavia, would also have a somewhat outdated name. While I am looking for names for him and her respectively, I'm primarily hoping to find a database that can help me find names like this relatively easily because I have at least thirty named characters I want to find names for with similar backgrounds.

Does anyone have any ideas of a database that might help? I didn't have much luck with google and while I've mined 20,000names.com in the past it can't tell me what people in that country think of various names. Or would have thought twenty-fifty years ago.

Sheryl Nome

National Lottery archive

A useful resource for people who want to have their British characters playing or watching the National Lottery and don't want to make up numbers.


Links to the archives are at the bottom of each game type's page. Each draw date has a link to more details, where it tells you the prize value for that draw and, for the main Lotto, what machine and set of balls were used.

Hope this helps someone.

Child Custody Case in Pesent-Day New York City

I’ve tried various search terms about the process of filing for custody and what happens during a custody battle, but most of what I’ve found is very vague, sort of general explanations of different parts of the process, and I need something pretty specific.

Background: present-day New York City. Parents are mid-late twenties, unmarried, with a three-year-old daughter. Father’s name is on the birth certificate. They stayed together for the first 2½ years and have now split up. Child was originally staying with mother but has been staying with father for the past month, mother now suing for sole custody.

I need a detailed, step-by-step explanation of what would happen during a custody case, from filing for custody through the decision being made. How long would the whole process take? How long between the different parts? Who would the child stay with during this time, and when/how would that be evaluated? How would the judge make their final decision? How exactly does the process of presenting witnesses work? Is it like a criminal trial, where one lawyer interviews the witness and the other can object and cross-examine? Are there opening and closing statements?

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Thanks in advance!