February 3rd, 2012

children's lit

Fall Leading to Amputation

Location: Boston, current day

I need my character to suffer a fall that will lead to a below-knee amputation of her left leg. She's at a concert, either on stage or getting to the stage through somewhat risky measures. Right now, I basically have her falling from a catwalk ladder, but I'd prefer if she could do something like stage-diving. I'm imagining she leaps off the stage, leads with her leg, isn't caught, drives the bone up in her leg for an open fracture, and then potentially has it stepped on (mosh pit!) because I'm not sure the fall would be from a great enough height to do it by itself.

Any thoughts? Anything she could do in a club/concert atmosphere that would be something a girl desperate to get herself and her guitar noticed would be good. 

boar hunting - injuries and dogs

Greetings O knowledgeable hive-mind!

I'm writing a story set in what amounts to your generic medieval-Europe analogue fantasy realm. Late-ish medieval, maybe later 1500s? No gunpowder, though. I'm trying to kill off a character in a hunting accident, and I thought a boar would work. My working scenario is that they weren't out for boar, but hunting something else (hinds, I think, based on what I've dug up about medieval hunting seasons and boar mating season, which I figured would make them more aggressive and likely to fight instead of going to ground). So they don't have boar-spears or heavy gear suitable for killing the thing easily.

Two questions:
1. Would the dogs accompanying them be able to bring down and kill the boar by themselves (not without injury, certainly), or would the humans have to get in there with weapons?

2. What sort of actual damage would the fatal injury be? References are usually to boars 'goring' people which suggests a stab/impalement sort of wound, but everything I can find on how boars actually use their tusks seems to suggest slashing motions.

Have tried various permutations on the following search terms: (wild) boar, hunting, dogs, kill, injury, gore(d), medieval -- mostly resulting in how to prevent injury and warnings of the risk of injury, and I also now know an awful lot about what breeds of dogs are used in hog hunting. Also I checked the hunting tag here but the boar hunting post didn't cover my questions.