January 26th, 2012

Cheerleading Highschool Nationals

Setting: Modern Day, Ohio

I'm writing a story about a Highschool Cheer team (I think the cheer team I'm writing for falls under Large Varsity Co-Ed) trying to make it to the Nationals, according to my research there are two kinds of National competitions cheer teams look forward to: UCA and NCA, at the moment I don't know which I'm going for.

I'm having trouble untangling how a team qualifies for Nationals in both competitions.

How do bid videos work? From what I've read in varsity.com bid videos can help a team qualify for Nationals. I guess I just want to know if that's true? And if it also applies to a high school cheer team.

The scenario is they missed their chance to compete in the qualifiers (regionals?)but they are desperate for a chance to compete in the Nationals, is a bid video enough to get them in Nationals?

Also, I know Collegiate National Champions get the rings and trophy, is it the same for high school cheer teams?