January 23rd, 2012


Hi everyone!

I am currently working on tagging posts that have not yet been tagged, and also on the Sisyphean task of organizing the tags.

It makes things go much faster when posts are already tagged - so thank you, everyone who has tagged their own posts or added tags to posts that were missing them. Tagging is not required, but it's nice, because it makes sure posts are not lost in the archives and it saves me time.

Just one request, though: If a post has tags already, please don't mess with them, even if they seem bizarre. While I'm reorganizing, some things will temporarily seem to be in the wrong categories, or will seem to be missing obvious tags.

Also, if you volunteered before, I have removed you as a maintainer since I figure that by this time you have done what you were going to do. Eventually I will ask for volunteers again, but I gotta get things a bit more under control first.