January 21st, 2012

Sequelae from smoke inahalation

Setting: Fantasy world based on Victorian England. There are healers, but there's a limit  on what they can do.
keywords: smoke inahalation sequelae, sequelae smoke, fire sequelae
I would like to know some permanent sequelae from smoke inahalation and third degree burnings. Character was in a fire when he was a child.
I asked Mr. Google, but Mr. Google only gave me answers about smoking, sequelae on animals and some scientific articles that weren't public.
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Procedure when falsely convicted serial killer may be exonerated

Setting: Modern Day
Place: Chicago, Illinois

Innocent Serial Killer A is falsely convicted. Innocent Serial Killer A escapes from prison and tries to clear name.

Guilty Serial Killer B comes forward and admits to being the real killer. Has murder weapon (with blood from last victim) and photographic proof of being present at the crime scene (Guilty Serial Killer B isn't IN the photographs, they just have possession of ones taken at the scene).

Guilty Serial Killer B is kidnapped during transport and killed in suspicious circumstances (shot and dumped by the road) before they can give a statement or be fully interviewed.

Where does this leave Innocent Serial Killer A if he turns himself in? What sort of grounds would he have for being found innocent? Without the testimony of Guilty Serial Killer B would Innocent Serial Killer A still be guilty as far as the law is concerned, or would there be enough doubt caused by Guilty Serial Killer B to get those charges dropped? What sort of appeal process is there in this odd circumstance? Could the trial be re-opened?

(Consider that it's entirely possible the police might suspect Guilty Serial Killer B was simply acting on instructions from Innocent Serial Killer A, who could easily have given Guilty Serial Killer B the evidence and photographs. From the police's point of view that's a valid theory -- they have no evidence to prove Guilty Serial Killer B was who he claimed to be).

Bit of a complicated scenario, so I appreciate any wisened musings you experts might have! I honestly have no clue what to search for first.