January 9th, 2012

Is this a form of PTSD? If so, would he be fired from his job?

Hey all, ya'll were so much help, I had to come back with more questions! :)

My character was in a war where he had to shoot a child in order to save his buddies(said child had a bomb). Anyways, when he's back home, he's hired by the police as part of SWAT.

At one point, a kid picks up a gun and points it at the negotiator. No flashbacks or anything, but he is really shaken up afterwards(even though it only lasts a few seconds, and the gun was never pointed at him). He keeps held together during it all, however afterwards it takes him a few minutes to calm down and stop shaking. Just the thought of having to shoot a child upsets him(rightly so).

When he's evacuating children from the scene of a shooting, he is obsessive in protecting them. Not a bad thing considering his line of work, of course, but his team thinks he tends to take it a little far and are worried that it might get worse(it never does though, but they don't know that). I think they'd like to see him a bit more level-headed like he is when there are adults involved, but with a child involved he has trouble. None of it really effects his performance- well, besides him being very scared for the children.

I don't know if this will help, but he does have some underlining blame for killing the child, he sometimes wonders if he shot too soon and that maybe the child was about to stop. And he hasn't ever talked to anyone about it.

Another question, would this be a reason for the police to fire him? He doesn't have any problems otherwise, just when children are involved he immediately goes on high-alert. I want him to stay on the force so is there anyway for his friends (for lack of a better word)help?

I'm having trouble thinking of how to phrase it in google, I keep getting links about PTSD, but I can't find anything in accordance for my story.

If something isn't clear or if there isn't enough information, I can provide more. :P

Thanks a bunch!