December 29th, 2011

in the sun

Teaching Questions

Setting: To Be Determined but tentatively choosing between: New York, New Jersey or Chicago.

I've looked up google and followed some sites that led to information about student aid but nothing in depth or specific thing I'm looking for. I don't live in the US so I'm not sure where to start.

Scenario: My character entered the TEACH Grant program and as required, he will start giving back by teaching at an elementary school for four years.

1. Is it possible for someone who was in the TEACH Grant program in Kentucky State University or Ohio University to work in New Jersey, New York or Chicago?

2. Other than the obligation to teach for four years will my character be obligated to do anything else?

3. What is expected from a grade school teacher? From what I've gleaned I know the teachers should have lesson plans and tests. What other responsibilities do they have?

4. Is there any difference if he chooses to teach in New Jersey, New York or Chicago?

Thanks in advance!