December 24th, 2011


Scholars leaving Oxford and moving to Cambridge

Setting: England, circa 1209

Where I've looked: "history of Oxford" "history of Cambridge" "founding Cambridge University" "scholars leaving Oxford" etc.

1. Both Wiki and the history pages of the two colleges hint at some sort of violence between students and townsfolk, circa 1209, that made the scholars and students leave Oxford and head to nearby Cambridge. They also talk about some resentment between townspeople overcharging students for rent and food, and students getting up to "boyish hijinks" like rape. It wasn't a totally happy arrangement, but I can't seem to find the final incident that made them pack up and leave. I did find a clue of a "three day riot" but not what the riot was about.

2. Obviously, some scholars did go back to Oxford and re-establish the university there. Slow trickle? Tired of Cambridge? I can't seem to find a date or reason for this either.

And some basic questions about early scholastic life:

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