December 23rd, 2011

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Pirates and the United States

Hello! I've recently started writing a book and I'm working on the back story. The setting is in fiction Crystal Cove, Maine. It's a pretty small town (haven't thought of an exact population, but let's go with 250) that was founded by pirates. I know it seems farfetched, but please hear me out.

The pirate captain that founded Crystal Cove is a Seer (he can see someone's death exactly a month before it happens; my main character is related to him so she inherited this 'gift') and he sees his right hand man's death. The day he had the dream, he gets his crew to sail as far away as possible from their current location within a months time. He lands at Crystal Cove, Maine and decides to settle there for that month. He meets a woman and rapes her. Come to find out, that woman ends up killing his right-hand man AND the captain.

But, where could his original location be? He needs to currently be near enough to Maine to end up there within a month's time and I want his original location to be a place where pirates would venture to.

I know it's weird background, but I'd appreciate any help I could get. Thank you!