December 16th, 2011

"Enniel Prussot"

Medically-induced murder/death by IV??

Googled "medically induced death", which lead to a lot of doctor-bashing articles on natural health sites. Whut.

I'm looking for ways that a doctor could murder a patient medically without it looking suspicious. The patient is a newborn whom the physician, an energy vampire/warlock with a sixth sense, knows is half-demonic and therefore a threat to everyone around them. Smothering the child with a pillow or something like that is out of the question since suffocation usually causes bruising or facial discoloration that's going to be suspect at best. I was wondering if there was something he could introduce into the infant's bloodstream via an IV that wouldn't seem suspect on a post-mortem toxicology screening, or if there's some other technique that could be utilized??