December 11th, 2011

  • keerawa

Nineteenth century letters - condition and access?

In a story I'm working on, there is a collection of letters written in the 1830's that the narrator is granted access to at a historical society.

So - is this plausible? What kind of condition would these documents be in? Would they need to be in a sealed, special room? Would you need gloves? Any details you can give me would be much appreciated!

Judaism and Super Powers

Yes, I know the premise is a bit odd, but please bear with me. I have an MC who gets certain questions posed to him because he was raised in a religious community, but Google doesn't have too much to offer in the way of answers I can use. Background (and a bit of possible amusement) under the cut:

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I may not have time to say it to everyone individually, but thank you for any and all help and polite responses.

Edit: I think I've got enough to go on for the moment, especially since MC's not a religious authority and would probably get somewhat aggravated after his assistant kept pressing for more specifics. Thanks to all who responded! If I have more specific questions, I'll be sure to come back. :)
Shepard Firefly

EMP affecting cybernetics?

Setting: 22nd century sci-fi, the Mass Effect universe

I have a human character who has extensive cybernetics throughout her body to replace bones and other systems that were damaged beyond repair. She was also implanted with a "control chip" in her brain. What I need to know is if an EMP burst would be likely to affect either the cybernetics or the control chip or both and how. Would she be knocked unconscious, or just simply without the use of her cybernetic parts?

This isn't a question I can google as the science is all, well, fiction and theoretical at best. A "control chip" isn't explained even in the universe, though it's implied that it's an electronic means to influence the behavior of the person with the chip. I've checked the posts on this board listed with EMPs, but most of it seemed to do with nuclear blasts. I'm thinking a more targeted EMP burst - no nuclear side effects.

I could probably just hand-wave the science, but I'd like to be as close to "real" as I can. Thanks!