December 3rd, 2011

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Turkish clothing - what's it called, and where can I start looking?


So, this is a bit of a difficult question. A friend of mine was in Turkey a couple years ago, and out the bus window she saw a shop with these:

She had enough time for a quick picture, but nothing more than that. She notes the picture was taken either in Izmir or Ankara.

She and I are curious about the clothing style's name - she because they look cool, I because I'd like to maybe incorporate it into one of my worlds. However, I have no idea where to begin research. I've googled "turkish clothing styles" and "turkish clothing" and "turkish dress", and the Goog comes up with some lovely fascinating links, but nothing that looks specifically like these. (Note that I'm referring to the three blue-white-gold outfits, not the red one and obvs not what hte two guys are wearing.) I saw a few things on Google Images that resemble them sort of, but they're all very ornate.

So, my question to you of little_details: what is the name of these clothes? Where can I start looking? what time period, who wears/wore them (women? men?)? Any info you can give would be appreciated.